For a long time, accessories have been considered the "ultimate weapon" to help elevate the fashion style of every modern lady. You may not own expensive designers' clothes, limited edition shoes, but owning fashion accessories is really essential. In recent years, the world's famous artists and fashionistas have brought many trendy ways of layering necklace models without causing a cumbersome feeling.

image of model wears jewellery

As sophisticated and modern women are always more sensitive to luxury fashion trends, sustainable with time, rather than quick fashion trends. They are not afraid to get out of their comfort zones by experimenting with different styles, basing on timeless and classic pieces that can easily mix & match so they can wear them for years.


How to layer your necklaces

gold chain layering

There are no hard-and-fast rules, which is the beauty of layering necklaces. Chokers, chains, and pendants are great for experimenting and toying with. But while layering our necklaces, we love to note some general suggestions to create an effortless signature look.

Cleverly choosing and combining necklaces of different lengths and materials is the way to make this look effective. Beautiful gemstones beaded chokers, slender gold chokers, and longer gold pendant necklaces, allow you to flaunt your personal style. Depending on the occasion, you can create a variety of layering styles.


For simple everyday styles

A gentle, simple gold pendant chain around your neck is a must. A gold chain works as a stand-alone accessory and creates the perfect base piece to build a fashion-forward foundation on. Depending on the outfit you choose for that day, pairing with a gemstone choker - a subtle or striking colour, you'll surely create the perfect fashion sense.

simple necklace layering

Engraved Double Sided Coin NecklaceLava Texture Pendant Necklace

Plus, to get the best choice of necklaces that you plan to wear often, pay attention to the materials of products beyond the beautiful designs. Necklaces made of 18K gold-plated 925 silver or natural gemstones create the second-to-none durability, and are 100% safe for sensitive skin.


Golden earrings and layered chains 're never old fashioned

If you’re used to balancing out the way you mix & match jewellery, whereby big hoop earrings must be offset by a fine chain or vice versa, then piling everything on will seemly be unusual. However, layering from earrings to necklaces surprisingly creates a stunning effect, as demonstrated on the streets of Paris Fashion Week. (HARPER'S BAZAAR)

gold and earing and necklace style

To keep this approach feeling modern, avoid matchy-matchy accents. Gorgeous outfits with pops of colour can only go with a set of layering gold chains. Or with mysterious, sexy black dresses, the colour of gemstones will be an elegant highlight, combined with hoops set to complete a night-out party look.