The cyclical nature of fashion trends is to take old trends from previous decades and change them to suit the times. From the 70s-the 90s, the fashion trends of famous designers and stylists are still the inspiration for today's outfits. And jewellery is no exception to that rule.

Glittery & colourful jewellery is one of the fashion trends that is returning. Precious gemstone beads are giving more opulence taken on the trend. With plenty of brightness from various stones, they are evocative of what you may have DIY'd decades ago. Even those who want simplicity can discover a beaded design that complements their taste by choosing all-gold variations or plain strand of Garnet or blended of multi gems.


a picture of a beautiful model wear garnet beaded necklace        an image of a multi colors tourmaline necklace

There is no better time of year to display this trendy but elegant jewellery than spring and summer. Bold seasonal fashions like multi-coloured matching sets and crochet bags go well with the carefree spirit of the necklaces, mixed & matched with earrings, that are coming. Put together a stylish look with a denim vintage shirt, or inject some whimsy into a formal dress with a splash of colour. 


The beaded necklaces

It's all about the materials and the styling to give beaded jewellery a more upscale spin. The handcrafted beaded gemstone necklaces are pieces of beauty that can be styled with many latest outfit trends. In fact, the hand-selected semi-precious stones are used to create beaded accessories that truly shine under different lighting and are completely expressive when combined with other gold chains or earrings. To name a few gemstones you will discover on our website, include beautiful violet Amethyst, Pink Opal, Aquamarine, triple-A quality Hessonite Garnet, Watermelon Tourmaline, etc. Try wearing these trendy necklaces with a chic black slip dress for a night out.













The colourful earrings

Due to the Y2K trend that was embraced, many jewellery purchases are motivated by joy. The positive message is a part of it as well; according to a well-known stylist, "people are dressing up again and want to have fun after the previous two years."

Change your standard metal hoops or studs for something a little more exciting and unique. A splash of colours on your ears can give a fresh look to any spring or summer outfit. As the weather warms up, pinks, blues, greens, and other colours will be a pleasant sight. To display them, pull your hair back.