Who are we ?

Beyond Bling Jewellery is not just a brand, it's a commitment to bring to our customers exquisite and timeless designed jewellery that make them feel extraordinary in each and every moment.

By being a direct connection between you, the customers, and the designers, artisans and workshops around the globe, we are making the high quality and beautifully crafted jewellery more accessible to everyone.

Quality, Diverse and Unique

We collab with worldwide designers and artisans partners in Japan, Turkey, India, Lithuania, and many more to come, to offer our customers a diverse and unique jewellery range, inspired by natural elements, contemporary styles, and cultural identities.

"The difference between style and fashion is quality"- Giorgio Armani. Our primary materials are real gold plating on 925 Sterling Silver for the bling factor and for durability and safety for sensitive skin. Ethically sourced pearls, gemstones, or other natural materials are used to take the bling to the next level and add a classy and elegant look.

Fair prices

We believe that high quality and beautifully crafted jewellery should be more accessible to everyone at fair prices.

By connecting you directly to the jewellery makers, we can reduce other intermediaries and thus offering the products at better prices. 

By offering the products 100% online, we can reduce our costs and thus lower the prices.


At Beyond Bling, we believe in ethical consumption and a sustainable lifestyle, styles should never come at the expense of the environment, and our lifestyle decisions can consciously contribute to helping preserve the beautiful planet we call home.

We commit to donate 1% of our annual sales directly to a local network of grassroots environmental nonprofits to help protect our planet.